Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy 3 Months!

today is josiah's three month birthday. we celebrated by getting shots! :( he was amazing though! he cried when he got stuck, but as soon as i picked him up he calmed right down. i love my boy so much! he's grown so much in the past three months. he's gone from a lump of baby to a wiggling, giggling happy lump of baby.

he's right down the middle in all his stats. he weighed in at 13 lbs 2 oz (50th percentile) 23 1/2 inches long(40th percentile) for those of you who are interested. he just sat there and charmed the doctor during his appointment. she kept saying how active and happy he is.

i love having him in our family. he and ely have taught me so much about myself in their short little lives. i can't wait to grow up with my two precious little ones!

Friday, November 21, 2008

save the date! ely's getting married!

ely has watched a couple of princess movies lately and had become obsessed with marriage. to her, getting married means you get to wear a pretty dress and dance. she'd have a dress on and want to dance with me. she says "we marry now and so we can dance."

the other day we were sitting in the living room playing with some toys and ely looked at the entertainment stand and saw a picture of me and preston on our wedding day. it's one of my favorite pictures. she looked at it and said: "mommy! you got marry! you wear pretty dress and have pretty flowers and dance! and daddy was a prince!" i loved that she thought i looked like a princess and preston was my prince.

ely and i were at costco the other day waiting patiently for a parking spot and ely asked me if i was marry.
Me: i am married.
Ely: i get marry in 5 weeks!
Me: you are?! who are you going to marry?
Ely: i going to marry daddy!
Me: you can't marry daddy, he's already married to me!
Ely: i marry you!
Me: you can't marry me! i'm a girl! you have to marry a boy whose not already married. that's how it works. so who do you think you can marry?
Ely: i marry malachi, micah, and malachi o (her three little friends)

i've taught her well. she needs to snatch up all the good ones now!

Monday, November 17, 2008

maybe i spoke too soon...

i posted earlier today about how happy josiah has become. well, tonight i am sitting at the computer because he refuses to go to sleep. i think (and pray) that the reason is he's learning to control his hands. something i was very excited about this evening, but not so much at 11 o'clock at night, with a 100 degree temp by the way! he's been having hard time sleeping the last couple of nights and i suspected the reason was his new found control game. so now he's laying on his play mat trying to touch and grab as many of the toys as he can. w e took some video and pictures that i'll post because i have nothing better to do except cry and pray that he'll grow tired of his new game.

and here's the video. this is probably only for you hard core nesper family blog readers, it's kind of long. what can i say, i'm a proud mama!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My little grouch face is now a happy boy!

for the first few weeks of josiah's life i was a little worried. i was spoiled iwth having ely first. she was a very mellow baby. don't get me wrong, no matter what kind of baby you have, it's still hard but ely was very easy to please. josiah was not as easy to please. we were having a tough time at night and during the day, there wasn't much of a break. but now that my little one is becoming more familar with the world around him and it's not as scary, he is blossoming into a cooing, smiling and giggling little boy. i'm trying to catch video of him laughing, but he always gets distracted by the camera and stops.

here's some pictures of my smiling boy!

no post would be complete without my other little joy

waiting for daddy to get home (our screen is kind of dirty!)

we all love daddy

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

just so you know...

i am catching up on the last couple of weeks of no blogging. be prepared for an overwhelming amount of information about the nesper family!

first haircut :(

i have resisted getting ely's hair cut for 3 years now. people have asked me if i was ever going to cut her hair and would answer with a resounding "NO! why would i cut her hair?!" well, ely has been asking to get her hair cut ever since she saw preston gets his cut. preston has been pressuring me to even out her hair. he said that she had a female mullet. she didn't, he just doesn't know girl hair! so last weekend, ely got her first hair cut. she liked it until she realized how long she had to sit still and that the hair tickled her face. most people can't tell, but it looks alot different to me!


you can't really tell, but this is after. she thinks this is a cute face.
here's josiah during ely's hair cut. i couldn't ask for cuter, sweeter kids!

sea world

this weekend we went to san diego to celebrate annika's 3rd birthday. we made it a day trip and spent the morning at sea world. we only stayed for a couple of hours, but it was well worth it. we saw the shamu show and went on all the rides at sesame street land. ely truly is my daughter! she loved all the roller coasters, even the spinny ones! i am going to have so much fun with her when she's big enough to be my roller coaster buddy!

here's video of her favorite ride

being silly in line

mommy and her ely

her favorite ride, it's like the tea cups

penny the penguin

fun day!


this year for halloween, ely picked out her own costume. she wanted to be tinkerbell (along with every other girl). i found a costume at walmart, but didn't want to spend that much. a friend of ours, leslie, suggested that i take a green pillowcase and cut out a head and arm holes to make the costume. well, i bought the pillowcases and told my mom about it. apparently, this was too much for my mom! my wonderful mother decided to go out, buy a pattern, buy material and make ely's costume. she made all of our costumes when my sister and i were kids, so this is right up her alley. it turned out beautifully. ely was so proud of her tinterbell wings, shoes and dress. she was the best looking tinterbell i have ever seen, and i'm not biased!

tinkerbell, cowboy and chicken (aka, ely, malachi and abe)

ely and malachi

so pretty!

we also carved pumpkins this year. it was ely's first time actually getting gooey! she wasn't too excited about scooping out all the pumpkins innards.

her scary face!!

we had a very fun halloween! it's so fun to watch the wonder and excitement on your child's face when they're doing something new. this is the first year that she is old enough to actually enjoy the holidays. i am looking forward to the next few months.