Saturday, August 14, 2010

Callan Sleeping

home church wears callan out!

she fell asleep flat on her face!
playing together!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


we went to fresno a couple of weeks ago to see preston's family. it was so wonderful to see everyone. tyler and sam even drove down to surprise everyone which made the weekend even better. i don't have any pictures because our camera is on the fritz from preston washing it in the washing machine. :/ tyler sent us a camera so we back on track! thanks tyler!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Josiah Sleeping...

we have found josiah in some interesting sleeping positions lately. we took him our of his pack n play and put a twin mattress under ely's bed and slide it out at night. some mornings i wish he was more contained, but what do you do?:) i don't know if he even realizes that he's not in his bed becuase he doesn't really wake up.

this was in the hotel in fresno. they shared a big queen bed, but somehow managed to take up a very small part of it!

this one needs some explanation. one of preston's roommates from when he was in england was staying with us for a few days. he got to see what life is like with 4 kids. probably a little shocking for a single guy! one of the nights josiah was having some trouble staying in his bed. he got up about 5 or 6 times. after picking him up and putting him back and him getting up and putting him back, he finally stopped making noise and we didn't see his little red head sneak around the corner. we thought "finally!!! he's asleep!!" and continued to hang out. about an hour later, while getting ready for bed preston walks down the hall to see this:

the little bugger snuck out of his room and went to sleep on the floor in the hall!!! maybe he's more comfortable on the floor! so much personality for such a little guy!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Children's Museum

this weekend was a free museum day at the la habra children's museum, so we loaded up the fam and met some friends there. it was a full day with lots of exploring, running and mayhem.
there was a live exotic aniaml show, or as ely said "the exhausted animal show". there were lots of reptiles and serpents.

touching some big lizard of some kind

ely got picked to hold a huge constrictor. she loved it although you can't tell here!

dress up room

of course she was a star!

spaceman josiah and spaceman abe

josiah and nehemiah
taking turns steering
josiah's turn

moose attack!

I'm Up, Why Not Blog?

i should not be up!! i was responsible and tried to go to bed at a reasonable hour, but was thwarted by a 6 month old! callan was the culprit tonight! so i figured why not post a few pictures while i'm up anyway?

this last week ely went to vbs at the church down the street. i was once again reminded of how independent and confident she is. she never even looked back at me the first day. the theme this year was superheros. the stories were focused on the people that we don't know but we know their stories. it was a wonderful reminder of that god knows our story, our life. one of the characters of the week was water girl and ely came home the first day and dressed up like water girl and was pretty much obsessed with her. on friday there was big celebration where parents could come and see what their child had been learning that week. the kids had a chance to go up front and sing and of course ely jumped at the chance to be in front!

she had a great time and is already talking about going back next year!