Monday, May 17, 2010

Playing Catch Up

we finally have internet again (no email still)!!!! so i'm playing catch up. i'm hoping to post actual pictures of the house soon, so stayed tuned! there are about 5 new posts so read, look and enjoy!


ely and josiah christened the new house just days after moving in. i knew i was in trouble when i heard hysterical laughter coming from their bed room. i walk in and find them on her bed with a 1000 piece puzzle box throwing the pieces across the room and laughing at each other. don't get me wrong, i love to see my kids playing together and having fun, but this was over the edge for me! i actually looked at the mess, cried and walked out. i think i was a little overwhelmed that day! :)

when i told her to pick it up, she said she was too tired from throwing it around. you got to give her credit!


the weekend that we moved was a crazy weekend! the kids had alot of change the last couple of weeks. their house has been packed in boxes and then they are hanging out with friends so we can move and then actually moving. they were a little wild. no, make that alot wild! preston took the monday off after the move to help unpack, but i thought the time would be better spent spending some family time together so we went to the aquarium.

josiah kept running from one tank to the next yelling "more ish"
the sea lion kept coming back to us and opening his mouth. i think he liked us!

waiting for them to feed the sea lions

preston is so proud of this picture. josiah was jumping (of course!) off two concrete steps and loving it. preston had to try 4 or 5 times to get this picture. this picture just about sums my son up! :)

he stuck the landing!
he didn't fall once while doing this trick. i think i'm proud!

ely actually got to touch a shark! her arms have always been too little to reach them.

after all the craziness of the move, it was so nice to spend some time together just hanging out. the kids definitely enjoyed themselves. and, we got passes so i can take them whenever i need to wear them out! win win!

Improptu Photo Shoot at the Beach

a few weeks back, preston's cousin's sister was taking some pictures for a photography class and asked us to sit in. while she was taking pictures, we snapped a few of our own.

holding hands
almost family picture

this is how the twins spent the evening at the beach

Sunday, May 16, 2010

One of My Favorite Ely Momements

Silly Nespers

here are a few catch up pictures from the last few months. enjoy!

looking for easter eggs

ely's welcome sign to our new house. she wrote it all by herself!

i let ely pick out her own clothes. i love her outfit choices. she's confident and proud, that's more important to me than her ability to match.

my birthday dinner. that's what i got when i said to smile.

more ely choices

dress up

my kids are just being creative and having fun! josiah will be a secure, sensitive man! i think he will make an amazing husband with all the girls in his family. he will either really understand them or stay clear of them because they're crazy!

Fighter Planes

the sounds of my past came back to me a few weeks ago. our friends (and new neighbors!) go to the long beach airport to watch the airplanes take off and land and happen to be there when 4 fighter planes landed! they heard that they were going to be taking off again that sunday and invited us to tag along and watch. it didn't take much convincing. come on people! how often do you get to see F-16 taking off right in front of you?! i grew up on a naval base and heard fighter planes flying over my house all the time. when the first pair took off i got teary eyed because it brought back so many memories. thanks verwys boys for inviting us and letting us be a part of it!
this was not zoomed in! the pilots actually waved at us as they taxied out to take off!

on top of the verwys van watching the planes taxi out

they were so loud!! He also got sunscreen in his eyes and a runny nose so he's pretty red in the face!

ely and malachi watching the planes

just because he's cute (ignore the snot!) :)

ill try to post josiah and ely imitating the planes. preston taught them how to make airplane sounds!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

How Sweet Are My Kids?!!

just sitting around this morning and ely and josiah started cuddling. they were there for about 3 or 4 minutes before i started taping. she has such a sweet heart and is an amazing big sister.