Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Family Day

with the start of school for both ely and josiah, i have been feeling the need to turn inward and keep some sacred family time. i think the kids need to have some uninterrupted time with mommy and daddy. a few weekends ago we went to the park and spent the majority of the day just playing and getting dirty. i noticed a sharp decline in the amount of arguing and fighting between ely and josiah. just another reminder to continue to invest in my kids to help them grow into confident and secure big people.

callan and surrey

they are proving to be fearless like another red headed dare devil we know!

i couldn't get a picture with her beautiful face because she was swinging so high!




Tuesday, October 4, 2011




so i was looking at the pictures and realized that i posted two pictures of surrey and thought one of them was callan! WOW! so here's a picture of the real callan!

First Day of Kindergarten!

i think that ely is more ready for kinder than i am! she was excited all morning. preston wisely took the morning off to go with us. ely has an amazing teacher and i think it will be a great year.

her desk

getting her name tag

row of criers

tearful goodbye
she was full of nervous smiles and giggles until it was time for us to leave. she was very weepy but i held strong (and cried when we left!). i was a little worried throughout the day. when i picked her up said "mom, i LOVE kindergarten!!" i think she will do just fine!

First Day of Preschool

he doesn't seem old enough to be in preschool! my sweet, attached at the hip boy is off to preschool! i did such a good job! i didn't cry or blubber at all! i was a rock! oh..josiah did a good job too!

hanging his "packpack" and lunch


what were we thinking? oh yea! who cares! it was kinda cold, kinda late and lots of fun. we couldn't keep the kids out of the fountain. they were freezing afterwards, but had a blast!

Swim Days

good friends of ours have a pool and are so kind to let us come swim whenever we want. thanks fieldhouse family!