Saturday, February 28, 2009


i have been so unmotivated lately. we get up and i don't want to do anything! sleeping or sitting around the house would be my preferred activities lately. i think it's because i'm reading the harry potter books (again) and i'm staying up way too late. yesterday was one of my less motivated days so i went to my mom's house. we went into the backyard to explore. we've been in there many times, but under the gimmick of exploring there was alot more to do!

my sister's mural outside her window

i asked her to pose and this is what i got

finding a spider web

playing kick with mama madia

watching the kick game>

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Not Too Long Now...

josiah has been sitting up a little over a month and is now moving to the next step. he's been getting up on his knees and rocking like he's going to take off at any minute! i watched him yesterday get onto his knees and reach out for a toy and almost took a real crawling step. i love seeing my little boy grow up and am trying to soak up every minute of him being this small.

i was experimenting with no flash and he decided to fall over backward!

i couldn't resist taking this picture! josiah gets himself into some interesting positions now that he is scooting all over the floor. i was fixing ely's lunch and heard him cry. this is what i saw when i came into the living room. i don't know how it happened but instead of getting him out, i took his picture. does that make me a terrible mom? :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

This Never Gets Old...

i still can't get him to laugh like this, but i enjoy watching ely get the laughs. (for those of you with weak stomachs, beware of the spit up at then end of the video)

Big Bubble Bath

ely took a bubble bath today for the first time! well, she took one when she was about a year and a half, but she was afraid of the bubbles. weird, the girl who will climb anything, jump off anything or ride anything was afraid of bubbles! she loved the bubbles! i stepped back and watched her laugh, blow bubbles all over the tub and make a bubble beard. it's the little things that make her so happy: reading a book with her, drawing on her back with my finger and bubble baths. i hope that i can encourage her wonder and enjoyment of the small things this world has to offer.

josiah also had a bath milestone. he took his first big boy bath yesterday! he had more fun splashing in the water and didn't even pay attention to the toys ely was trying to give him. he has gotten so much more alert and interactive this last month.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Ely and Abe

ely made a new friend at the park.

Super Bowl Sunday

i know super bowl was like a week ago, but since when have i been on time? we were invited by some great friends, kim and kevin, to their house for a super bowl party. it was a VERY kid friendly party. there were probably more kids there than adults. i can sum up the party for you in a few words: boys watched game, girls talked and kids played. that's pretty much it. i only knew something happened when i heard the yelling from the living room. preston enjoyed watching the game with the guys and i enjoyed having girl talk with the girls. i think i need more of that in my life! at half time, everyone went to the park about 3 houses down to play a little game of their own. ely and preston joined in the game while josiah and i hung out with isaac and mariah.

daddy trying to tackle ely

the big game


josiah and isaac

josiah attacking isaac (he only attacks people he likes)

josiah and isaac

this was after we got home and josiah was suppose to be going to sleep. he doesn't look very tired to me!

Trip to the Zoo

last week ely, josiah and i went to the santa ana zoo with some friends from church and play date. we all love the zoo and ely especially loved being there with her friends. it's a very small zoo, but it has a large farm exhibit full of farm animals and a train ride. here's our adventure at the zoo!

this is ely yelling at the wind. she was mad it kept blowing her hair.
driving the jungle jeep
ely and tessa looking the the pink birds

trying to pose for the camera. note to self: don't tell ely to pose or smile at the camera, this is what you get!

tessa, micah and ely looking at the peacock
now they are chasing the peacock.

still chasing the peacock.
micah, ely and mrs. taffy on the farm train. micah and ely couldn't sit still the whole ride!

it was such a fun day and such a blessing to be able to spend it with some good friends.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's Started...

this morning ely was eating her breakfast. well, not eating her breakfast and thus the reason for the post. she decided to play with her oatmeal, toys and books instead of eating so i warned her that i would take it away if she didn't eat. being the strong willed child she is, she continued to play so i took it away. of course she cried, but then she did something that i thought i was years away from. she went to her room and slammed her door! does she think she's 13? not that it's ok then either, but she's 3!! needless to say, we both need some cooling down time!

Monday, February 2, 2009

She's Found her Calling

papa w (grandpa dw) gave ely something that she's wanted for awhile now: a new camera! she has been taking pictures all over the house. it's a very simple camera, with no flash so the pictures are pretty dark but she's really enjoys it. it's also fun to see the world from her height!

she still has alot to learn though. she pushes the button and then moves the camera before it takes the picture. we're working on it!

enjoy ely's first pictures!