Monday, January 14, 2013


we took the kids to the mountains for a snow trip.  they loved it! except for callan crying "it's on me!!" whenever snow touched her and ely complaining that her jacket was zipped too high it was a successful trip.  i don't know how people do this in the midwest and elsewhere! we were in it for a day and i don't want to go back until next year! it is SO much work!

La Brea Tar Pits

ely's class went to the la brea tar pits last week. 
i took the kids to lacma (los angeles county museum of art) after the tar pits for a couple of hours and the kids got to paint their own masterpieces. 

7 YEARS!!!

i know every mom says this, but i can not believe that my first born has turned 7! her smile and personality light up our lives nad everyone around her.  she has sucha great energy that everyone around her feeds off her.  she is smart, funny, sweet, whiney, a caretaker and beautiful.  thank you god for giving us our shining ely.
family dinner on her birthday
her hello kitty tea party