Monday, December 14, 2009

Now That I'm 4...

ely has really caught the birthday train! she's taking after me, and will soon have a birthday month! all day yesterday, if she wanted to do something, she said "well, i'm the birthday girl so i get to do it!" and now that it's not her birthday, she gets to do whatever she wants because she's 4. here's what i've heard just in the last 24 hours:

"now that i'm 4 i can...

jump higher (who knew?)
run faster
walk by myself (no, you can't!)
get stuff all by myself if i want it
swim pretty well without asking
do whatever i want. i really can because i'm four. (i think we'll need to have a little one on one talk about this one!)

i guess 4 is a great age!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

4 Years

preston and i have been so blessed the last 4 years to have ely as our daughter. she has blessed us so many ways. she's smart, funny, sweet, compassionate, difficult and one of the best things in our lives. it's hard to believe that you could love someone as much as we love this little girl. i can't wait to see the godly woman she will grow into.