Friday, September 25, 2009

How Many Are in There?

twins don't run in my family so this was not just a shock it was earth shattering. we're getting used to the idea still. hopefully in the next couple of days will be able to start the preparing for two more blessings in our family to join us in february!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Mommy and Me!

ely and i had a mommy ely date last weekend. preston kept josiah and let us hang out alone for a couple of hours. we went to lunch and then to paint and glaze. ely was so excited about painting a bowl, but i had to stop myself (my perfectionist self) and let her paint the way a three year old paints. it didn't come out too bad either and she's so proud!

outside her favorite place, taco bell!

waiting for our food and pretending to eat a bean burrito.

painting her her bowl.

A Baby,Really? Boy or Girl?

here are to of the converstaions i had with ely today:

Ely: mommy! why is your tummy so full?
Me: because there's a baby in there!
Ely: (thought for a second) right now there is?
Me: Yup!
Ely: (another second of thought) you mean you're pregnant?!
we've talked to her about the new baby, but apparently it was all hypothetical until now. after her nap today i asked her about the baby again.

Me: what do you want the baby to be?
Ely: a girl.
me: but what if it's a boy?
Ely: that's ok. i will still love him.

my sweet girl!

Learning to Spell...

can you read it?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Sweet Josiah

i know that i missed his birthday, but i wanted to share some memories of the sweetest little redhead. he has been such a great and energetic addition to our family. preston and i remember back to his birth and first couple of months and are amazed at the transforamtion he's gone through. i thought that we were in trouble! he came out screaming and finicky! his first two months were spent by us praying that god would calm this baby down! it was a tough adjustment because we had it pretty easy with ely htat we weren't prepared for anything else. it took him a couple of months to realize that life outside the womb wasn't too bad and now he is a happy, curious , vocal little mover. if you've spent much time with him you can just hear the screaming (usually ahppy screaming, but screaming none the less:)). we are so blessed to have him in our lives. he's a great little brother to a wonderful big sister and a great joy to his mom and dad. here's to josiah!

happy 365 days son!