Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Love You As Much As....

this morning ely and i were telling secrets to each other. her secrets are along the lines of " josiah is a silly boy" and "i love eggs."

ely: (whispering) josiah is a silly boy.
me: (whispering)i think that's because he has a silly sister!
ely: (out loud) that 's not a secret!
me: ok, here's secret: i love you as much as an elephant! no, i love you as much as a t-rex!
ely: wow! that's big.... i love you as much as a butterfly.

i try not to be offended by what comes out of the mouths of 3 year olds, but sometimes it's kinda tough! :0)

here's ely's song she didn't learn but didn't make up either. to the tune of brother john

i am strong! i am strong!
where did you get your strength from?
because i am so strong, that's why i'm strong.
and that's why god loves me so much so strong.