Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our Trip-Now Complete

i decided to just post pictures of our trip and explain as i go! there are alot of pictures, so make sure you have the time to look! you're a hard core nesper fan if you can get through them all! enjoy!

spinning and...

falling and crying at LAX

our second flight was a rinky dink little plane that bumped and rocked the whole time! cool part was that we unloaded right on the tarmac. we were the last flight to land at the tulsa airport that night. the airport was actually closing!

stopping for lunch and play on the drive to belleville
ely's first tractor!

ely and kansas grandpa. he looks a little gruff, but he's big old farming teddy bear!

josiah and kansas grandpa

my aunt barb made birthday blankets for all her nieces and nephews. it has their name, weight, birth day and time they were born. i still have mine! i'm so happy that my kids will be able to have theirs and cherish them as well. aunt barb is pretty handy on the sewing machine!

kansas grandma and ely making noodles. we ate well while we were there! lots of good old country food!
rolling the noodles
her favorite part! kansas grandma let her use a knife. i guess that's what grandma's are for, letting you do what you know your parents would never let you do!

my great uncle lives in an old farm house
way outside of town and we went visiting. this is ely in front of his weather vain.
sitting on his tractor. it hasn't been used in a long time!

josiah and unlce red (allen). kindred spirits! the only red heads in the family!
blowing bubbles with kansas grandma

grandma has a beautiful garden filled with lilies (?). she and ely picked some to bring back to aunt judy's house.

one of the coolest things ely got to do was ride a real horse! unlce red works on the family farm and has a friend that owns a horse. he was willing the let a 3 year old city girl ride it! here ely is being introduced to roan.
unlce red just led the horse in a small circle, but ely thought she was a real cowgirl. i said cowboy and she was sure to correct me, "mommy, i not a cowboy, i a cowgirl!"

josiah waiting for his turn.

mommy and josiah riding roan

to top it off, red took ely out into the cow pasture to see a cows and a bull up close.

this is the sign that welcomes to you to belleville. i have always loved kansas and have such wonderful memories of it. now i love making new memories with my kids and hubby!


ely and annika playing before the wedding
aren't they beautiful?!

they are too! i don't have many pictures of the ceremony or reception because josiah got sick that day of all days!
dancing at the reception. ely was a dancing machine! i couldn't get her off the dance floor.
a park in orange city. it was a very dutch community! :)

it was the week after the tulip festival. the tulips were beautiful!

we actually met another red headed josiah!
at the best ice cream shop ever! the sundaes were so big! ely and preston were so happy! we stopped here on our way to chicago.

out first day, we took a bus ride through the city. it rained on us and the wind just about killed me! i was not prepared for how cold it was!

he was supposed to be sleeping but he wasn't really cooperating!

ely actually took this picture outside the art museum. pretty good!

dot dot seurat

the coffee bean magma ball totally reminded me of fight of the navigator!
ely thought this was pretty cool. she asked for her picture to be taken with mickey and the police man.
these were crazy spitting foutains! it was freezing but we couldn't keep ely from running through the water! there were two faces on each stone wall making silly faces and every 15 minutes they would spit water out! we had to buy ely new pants becuase it was so cold and she was shivering after her romp.

josiah at the hershey store

ely at the hereshy store. she's holding a 5 pound chocolate bar! preston wouldn't let me buy it.:(
the field museum
ely running up the steps of the feild museum
they had a kid's section athe feild museum. ely learned al about corn and it's role in ancient civilizations. she could pick it, grind it and cook it at this exihbit.
ely and sue

we spluged and let ely ride one ride. there were some older ladies behind us that couldn't believe that the parents of that little girl would let her ride all by herself. ely looked really upset! i knew she would love it!
navy peir
the children's museum at navy peir

the lincoln park zoo
looking at the gorrillas.

wrigley feild for a cubbies game. one of the highlights of our trip.
josiah was cheering...i think

almost 1900 miles with two kids in two weeks! both kids did great!
overall, it was an amazing trip! not very relaxing, but great! we have to start taking real vacations. where can you go with kids that's a vaction though? there's always a tushie to wipe, a mouth to feed or a cheek to kiss. i wouldn't have it any other way!