Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ok, so today has not been such a great day. people always ask me how i do it with 4 kids 4 and under. my answer is usually "some days are harder and some days are easier. with twins the bad times are really hard and the good times are really fun." well, today was a really hard day and it's only 3 o'clock! i think i am starting a transition in my life. it's hard to examine yourself and admit to your failings as a mother, friend and child of god. i have had ALOT of opportunities to see my failings recently. days like to today show me how far i still have to go. with god's help my kids will have the mother that they deserve and the mother god wants me to be. today will be better and tomorrow will be even better. thank you god for second chances.

New Bed TIme Routine

josiah has been wanting to sleep in "ely bed" the last couple of weeks. it's been a struggle for me to decide whether to let him or not. ely's not that excited to have her little wiggly brother in her bed, but he goes to sleep so much easier when he's there and they look so darn cute together!!! one problem is that he's not stuck in a cage waiting for me to come get him in the morning and i now have an early morning visitor.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Swimming Lessons

some good friends of ours just redid their pool and we have been invited to swim whenever we want. if we walk by or drive by the house, see the fieldhouses or talk about them josiah says "go pool" and cries when i tell him that we're not swimming right now. there will be many fun filled days at the fieldhouse pool.

trying to warm up

ely is getting braver with each swim. here, sibling pressure helped get her off the diving board. josiah jumped off the board, so she wanted to do after whining about not wanting to all day. sometimes josiah's reckless nature pays off!

Kansas Gang

last week we were lucky enough to have some of my family from kansas visit. my grandparents are upper 80's and are not up to alot of travelling, but they sucked it up and came out with the help of my aunt and uncle. there was always someone to hold a baby, clean up spit up (which happens alot!) or to go outside to play ball. having visitors in your house can be stressful, but the fun times and visiting are all worth it. the week was filled with talking, laughing, cooking, baking, loving on kids and of course pictures! here is a glimpse into our week.

kansas hoodlum

baking with aunt judy. we made sugar cookies and chocolate pies, yum!

aunt judy teaching ely how to use a bowling pin

josiah doing it his way

making cinnamon rolls

trying to serve the chocolate pie. i don't know if she'll follow in her parents footsteps!
enjoying homemade chocolate pie, not from the floor!

unca dun's (uncle don) shoes

playing piggies

baby belle cheese noses

he squished an ant and is so proud!

opening father's day present
mommy and boy
test shots. this is ely's signature pose. this is josiah's signature as well!

great grandparents and great grand kids

andrea and pauly-wog

he's showing us his goods!
my mom with all her grand kids
the whole fam
getting ready to jump...almost ready...


no fear!

watermelon dirt, yum!