Tuesday, May 31, 2011


this weekend we went to fresno to visit preston's grandparents and other relatives. his brother met us there, so we had a FULL house! there were about 12 adults and 10 kids around all the time! it was loud, crazy, overwhelming and fun. we don't really accomplish anything except sitting around and talking, but that's what family is!

great grandpa loving on surrey

uncle zac taught her how to pitch a softball. she was pretty good, just don't stand behind her! sometimes the ball was a little unpredictable!

i'm having trouble uploading more, so i'll try again later!

Friday, May 20, 2011

New Sandbox!

I have been wanted a sandbox for a long time. the kids are digging in the grass dirt and it's just a mess! they come in with dirty fingernails, feet and mouths. the babies like to the eat the dirt. i haven't gotten a picture of it yet becuase i panic and wash out their mouth. preston has not wanted to get a sand box. he doesn't want the mess. i'm willing to put up with a cleaner dirty rather than the messy dirty dirt. i won the argument when i found a FREE sand box! someone was giving away the one thing i was looking for! once preston sees how much the kids love it, he will agree that it was a great find. maybe? :)

Callan didn't want anything to do with the sand! she cried every time i put her anywhere near it!

Surrey just wanted to eat the sand, of course.

Dinner at the Nesper House

we had ribs the other night. that's it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Super Heros

i asked them to give me their best superhero pose...here's what i got

Surrey and Callan

callan Surrey


ely and josiah got a tent from one of our neighbors and wanted to have a camp out with their friends in it. so we made invites and asked the boys across the street if they wanted to have a sleepover. we watched a movie, ate popcorn and played the xbox kinnect. then we all went to sleep, some of us later than others! :)

ely was the only one that ended up in the tent! they had fun!

Playing in the Flowers

where else would you keep your bat?

ely found a caterpillar. i think it's really an inch worm though. youcan see it going from the flower to the leaf. she named him rainbow.

surrey picking flowers for mama

callan exploring the grass

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So... I Got a New Camera!

i have been saving for about 5 months for a new camera. i wanted to be able to take pictures of my kids while they were still little. this last year has gone by so fast and i don't feel like i have the pictures to prove that we were there! i have alot to learn, but am looking forward to experimenting taking pictures of my kids! here are a few i took this morning! ely was a school and surrey and callan were sleeping so that explains why it's a little josiah heavy!

Bear with Me...

i've been a little lame with the posts again. there's so much to catch up on that i'm not even going to try. i'm just going to post some pictures. :) one of these days i'll have time to blog again! surrey and grandma maida
sleeping with his light saver

being silly at disneyland

the carousel

being silly again

on dumbo

ely at bounce u ( a big bouncy house play area)

surrey eating spaghetti. classic.

callan eating spaghetti. classic times 2.

surrey at thr pirate park

special mommy day. we got pedicures!

duplo tower

ely's easter dress


easter outfits courtesy of grandma maida


surrey giving kisses to daddy

ely and her teacher, mrs. terri, at the christmas performance