Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ely's New Name

ely told me this afternoon that god changed her name. her name is now trevor. just so you know. :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's the Thought that Counts, Right?

here's ely's dinner prayer the other night:

Thank you god for our food. thank you god for our day. thank you god for my family, except josiah. amen.

(i think she really meant ESPECIALLY josiah)

i love her!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Only in Southern California

for those of you who live around the country in the snow and slush that accompanies winter, you may want to stop reading! southern california has been blessed with some unusually warm weather this last week. it has been in the upper 80's in the middle of january! i decided to take advantage of the warm weather and took ely to the tide pools. we went looking for sea stars and sea urchins, but the tide was too high so we ended up just playing at the beach. although the weather was in the 80's, the water was REALLY COLD (at least 60 degrees)! ely and her friend malachi didn't seem to mind. ely face planted when a wave came and her entire front was soaked. she didn't mind at all! she got up and wanted her clothes off so she could play more! my little girl has no fear! she ventured into the freezing water and swam, jumped and splashed all morning. when it was time to leave, she cried (through her shivering teeth) that she wanted to stay and swim more! we will have to go back when the tide is lower and explore more.

before she fell in the water, fully clothed
and de-clothed!

ely and malachi swimming

ely and abe throwing sand

working together
it was alot of fun. i am always grateful for the friends we have that we can share fun days like this with. i look forward to many more fun days with friends.

Ely's wake up call

ely had started to take my attitude on waking up. if you have ever seen me in the morning, early or not, i am not at my finest. it takes me a good 20 minutes, at least, to wake up. with 2 kids you don't always get the time needed to wake up. ely used to wake up smiling and in a great mood. as she got older, her morning mood has become less cheery. lately, i have been letting josiah wake her up and it's amazing! she wakes up smiling and loving on her brother!