Monday, April 23, 2012

Riding Bikes on Laurel

josiah learned how to ride a two wheeler without training wheels! i don't know why i'm so impressed. physical agility just seems to be a strenght of his. he can hit, throw and run like an older kid! he is awesome!


 he fell 1 time!
 the whole bike gang

Ely's Award

ely received an award in February.  she was recognized for honesty!


ely took a soccer class this last semester. ijt was more of a clinic where she learned all the skills and then at the end of the course they played a real game. she loved it! i could see her confience grow as the class continued.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

catching up...again!

i have been so so so lame about blogging lately! here are some picutres of what has been going on lately!

looking at books
new helmet (surrey)
watching the rain.  kids after my own heart!
sidewalk chalk

ely's soccer medal
easter egg hunt (callan)
new trampoline

surrey and daddy

the glasses aren't real. they are from the dollar rack and i popped the lenses out.  she wears them ALL THE TIME!!!