Saturday, May 31, 2008


preston, ely and i invaded zac and ellen's trip to disneyland a couple of weeks ago. they were gracious enough to let us tag along. the girls had so much fun together, ellen and i, however, had a rough time with the heat. it was probably about 95 degrees and we were there in the heat of the day. next time we'll plan disneyland for a cooler day.

on the monorail going into disneyland.

ely meeting minnie mouse. she was so brave!

on the fainting couch in minnie's house. she's fainting. she's so dramatic!

her first roller coaster. she was barely tall enough for the ride. she doesn't look happy, but she wanted to go on it again.


it was a fun day!

thanks to zac and ellen for letting us tag along on their trip. ely is still talking about going to disneyland with annika.