Monday, February 25, 2008

women need chocolate

grandma kathy has been teaching ely that women need chocolate. well, ely has taken this to heart. preston and i were cooking dinner and forgot that we had a 2 year old. our inner alarm went off when it was quiet for too long and found ely in the living room eating what was left of a chocolate candy bar. after trying not to smile and telling her that she should not eat mommy's chocolate without asking, we took pictures like all good parents would.

Monday, February 18, 2008

I Can't Send Preston Shopping Anymore

ely has been sick this last week. i took her to the doctor and she has a bronchial infection. needless to say that we have been getting very little sleep the past couple of days. the doc put her on antibiotics and she's feeling a ton better. preston, being the sweet husband he is, woke up with ely saturday morning and decided to take her out on some errands. whenever i send him out, he gets twice as much as i would. last time he went to costco by himself he came home with clothes, cheesecake and pizza that were not on the list. i guess i should be grateful that he's the kind of hubby that will take things off my plate so that i can sleep or just recover. well, this weekend was no different than costco. he went to a sports store to get ely an inter tube for our mountain weekend and came home with a ball and glove for ely. she came into the bedroom with her baseball cap, glove and ball and told me "going play beseboll" and walked out. so here is her first game of catch with daddy.

here she is catching the ball

i know it looks like she's getting hit in the face, but she's actually catching the ball

she's pretty good at throwing

she had to stop and smile at the camera

Thursday, February 7, 2008

God is so good

so here we are, 11 weeks along and doing pretty well. i have been feeling icky for about a month. i'm not able to eat much, but am doing the best i can to take care of myself and my baby. it's much harder to be pregnant when you already have a kid. i miss the days that i came home from work and could just sleep or zone out in front of the tv. those days are long gone. now, no matter how i feel, i have a little girl depending on me to take care of her and love her. i do my best, but sometimes don't feel like it's enough. god is so wise in his planning. sounds kind of silly i know, but he gave me the right child. ely is so comfortable and independent that if i need to leave her with someone in order to take care of myself, she will happily go. she is so self assured that i don't worry about her being away from me and needing me. god has been so good to us.

i am really looking foward to bringing this new baby into our lives. big changes are coming!